An image by furl showing how the rise modern wall sconce light opens and moves outware over time, then when turned off retracts with furl glow

 Do furl lights really move?

Yes they truly do! Our furl lights actually open and close when you turn them on or off with the light switch. 

  • As seen from the first image in the picture above, this rise wall sconce light is closed and contracted in the OFF position.  When the light switch is turned ON, the light begins to slowly expand outward with increasing levels of light intensity creating a visually appealing scene. 
  • Once the transition period is over (see model info for exact time duration) the furl light will be fully expanded and at 100% light output levels.
  • Then, when the light switch is turned OFF, this all happens in reverse except at the very end when the furl light is fully closed (last scene image from the above picture) the user selectable RGB LED light emits a nice low level ambient glow for a certain length of time which creates a visually appealing fixture. We call this feature – furl glow.
  • All of these combined elements are what truly make a furl light.  You’ll be amazed with the transformations while watching them move.



How long do they take to open and close?

That actually depends on the light itself.  Different models have different times and can be easily seen on the details page for each furl light.  Each light begins by slowly opening while at the same time the main White lights increase in intensity from 0 to 100% over the transition period.  Each light also has a user selectable RGB color lights that changes from 0 to 100% over the same transition period (please note RGB colors on pictures used within this website will sometimes differ on computer monitors - verses when seen with the naked human eye in person.) Then, when the light is turned off everything happens in reverse.  Once the light is fully closed, you’ll be mesmerized by our furl glow.  This is a low intensity light output that stays on after the furl light has closed for a varying length of time.  


Furl Transition graph showing how a furl light opens and closes along with the user selectable RGB color 


How durable are furl lights?

furl lights are made out of CNC machined aluminum pieces with heavy duty laminated acrylic facade pieces. Each furl light is highly crafted, hand assembled and tested, right here in the United States. A great deal of design thought and reliability testing has gone into every model to provide a long lasting and durable high-end product.

How do furl lights mount?

All furl lights mounts to a standard wall junction box for permanent mounting. The rive series of furl lights are intended for indoor use only. They are not intended for any kind of outdoor use at all.

How do you power a furl light?

For the rive series, each furl lights requires 12Vdc at 12 Watts to operate. Each furl light is supplied with a UL Approved (SELV Class II) power supply.  That power supply is then connected to the standard household wiring where 100 to 240 Vac is supplied from an on off switch. Powering several lights from a remote 12 Vdc power supply is also an option.